Together… Part One: Understanding America

Monument Church Together

In this first part of our 3-part ‘Together’ Series,  PJ Smyth puts American Culture under the microscope, and considers how the Church navigates, celebrates and sometimes counters the prevailing culture. 

Imitate -Part 6: Matt Hosier

Monument Church Imitate

Imitate -Part 6: Matt Hosier. The Lord’s prayer is packed with truth about who God is, and how we can learn to pray big, expansive prayers. 

Imitate -Part 5: Erik Santiago

Monument Church Imitate

Imitate -Part 5: Erik Santiago.

Effective Prayer. Jesus teaches how to pray in Matthew 5 and we learn that forgiveness is a recurring theme in our pursuit of effectiveness.

Imitate -Part 4: Marc McKinley

Monument Church Imitate

Imitate -Part 4:

Marc McKinley from Johannesburg, South Africa, joins us and speaks about the importance of facing forward and moving in faith and with willingness.