In-Person Meeting — This Sunday, June 28th

Monument Church Sermon Series

In-Person Meeting This Sunday, June 28th

Just for this coming Sunday, we will be meeting in person at Lone Oak Farm, 5000 Olney Laytonsville Rd. Check out the important video giving important information and a preview of what will be going on! Please make sure to read on for important details on this in-person meeting. Don’t forget to come hungry to eat together after the meeting.

  • We will resume online church the following Sunday, July 5th, including Kids Rock.
  • If you need a ride or can offer others a ride, please email us ASAP at!
  • If you have any special need (e.g., keeping extra extra distance from others), we would love to accommodate that, so please also email us  at to let us know. We have some reserved tables available and parking crew who can be of assistance.
  • Please wear face coverings at all times except when at your seat, stay six feet apart, and no hugging!
  • There will be no Kids Rock this Sunday.

As most of you may know, Sam and Becki Cox are off to new adventures in Orange County, California. We will take time this Sunday to bid them farewell. If you missed PJ’s video announcing their departure, please catch it below. You are welcome to bring a card or small gift this Sunday if you’d like.