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Remember, we gather together online to experience and encounter our heavenly Father. Ask Him, in prayer, to be with you. Pray for one another – pray for your neighborhood – pray for the nation!


We trust that the Lord met you through watching the live worship recording last week. This weeks video and lyrics are posted below.
Lord, as we listen to words of truth and hope, set to music – we pray that your presence would fill us.


Verse 1
Let praise be a weapon that silences the enemy
Let praise be a weapon that conquers all anxiety
Let is rise, let praise arise

Verse 2
We sing your name in the dark and it changes everything
We sing with all we are and we claim your victory
Let is rise, let praise arise

We’ll see You break down every wall
We’ll watch the giants fall
Fear cannot survive when we praise You
The God of breakthrough’s on our side
Forever lift Him high
With all creation cry, God we praise You

Verse 3
Let faith be the song that overcomes the raging sea
Let faith be the song that calms the storm inside of me
Let it rise, let praise arise

This is what living looks like
This is what freedom feels like
This is what heaven sounds like
We praise You, we praise You


SERMON – 03.29.20
New Sermon Series – Comfort and Courage, Part 1

This week we begin a new sermon series called – Comfort and Courage, from the book of Philippians.  (Those with kids: you might want to consider watching the sermon videos later on today once the kids are busy playing or in bed!)


Amazing Monument parents! The goal each week is to plant seeds and ask for God’s Spirit to water those seeds. The amazing truth is that God’s Word does not return empty, so plant away, don’t stress and keep it fun!

Scripture Verse:  Mark 1:15b “The time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.”
Big Idea: We are in Week 2 of a 4-week series through the Gospels focused on God’s rescue plan. This week we are learning about how The Old Testament is filled with promises, and the New Testament is the fulfillment of those promises! Jesus came and established the Kingdom of God. In Jesus, all of God’s promises come true!
Pro Tips: Keep it high-energy and fun, don’t be discouraged with distracted kids, Jesus welcomed children as they were. Don’t forget to pray together and ask for God’s Spirit!–kids can receive the full power of God when they ask! For younger kids (2 to 4), keep it simple with the song, the big idea (Video or a short story of Jesus from the Gospels) or the memory verse with a few motions, and a coloring page. For older kids (5 and up), start with the song and follow with the lesson (videos + activities) provided.


Another great, fun song to dance around to this week! So, get on your feet, turn up the volume, and praise Jesus with all you’ve got!


There are FOUR short videos for kids to enjoy this week alongside the lesson material.
Head to the link below, then choose Volume 10. The password for volume 10 is: 858100003434

Once you’re in, you’ll see 4 video links for Week 2. The passcode for all of those is: 003090


LESSON PLAN LINK: Kids Rock 3_29_20

COLORING SHEETS LINK: Kids Rock Coloring Sheets 3_29_20

Thanks for joining us again.
See you here, same place next Sunday!