No other city influences America as much as Washington D.C. At 6.5 million people, it’s the 6th largest metropolitan area in the US, the most educated, and the most affluent metropolis in the USA. As Nehemiah was called to Jerusalem, as Esther was called to shape political policy in the Persian capital of Susa, as Jonah was called to preach the gospel to the Neo-Assyrian capital of Nineveh, as Paul proclaimed Christ in the great cities around the Mediterranean and ultimately in Rome, so we feel called to see new Christians and new churches across the great metropolis of Washington D.C.



Our ultimate value is the Gospel - that we can be saved through belief in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Therefore, we keep the Gospel message at the center of all ministry to both believers and unbelievers.



  • We believe the Bible is the word of God and our foundation, and that the Holy Spirit makes the word living and active in our lives. We contend for the powerful combination of both.

  • Our great commission is to share the gospel to every corner of this hurting world, but we are also totally committed to the ongoing growth and health of every believer in every stage of their lives.

  • Prayer is the potent ‘engine room’ of the church, but we are called to GO, to serve and to bless the city around us with our action. Faith without deeds is dead!

  • Being meaningfully joined to the family of the church doesn't mean we shelter away from the world. Rather, Christ calls us to get 'stuck in', to love the city, not to separate away from it.

  • The gospel is the hope of every generation and every race. The Church, of all places, is where that rich diversity can be truly reflected and celebrated